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Catch some zzz's

Posted by Pfbb1058 on February 03, 2007

In Reply to: Catch some zzz's posted by Susan on February 03, 2007

: My 6 year old wants to know why people sometimes use the phrase, "Catch some zzz's," when referring to sleeping or napping. Any help with the origin of this slang would be much appreciated.

: Thank you,

: Susan

Zzzzzz is the noise one makes when one snores gently.
Also zuzzzzs.

Catch some - get a bit of shut eye, snatch a bit of kip.

All just a way of varying the theme.

Some guy put the words together in a new order tp form a phrase.
Others liked it.
It became overused.
Wordsmiths strive to invent new ones as old ones get dog-eared.
It gets more difficult, so the phrses become more obscure.