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Re:ticketty-boo... and Bebe Daniels

Posted by Baceseras on January 27, 2007

In Reply to: Re:ticketty-boo posted by albert on January 27, 2007

: Re:ticketty-boo. The earliest usage that I am aware of was by Bebe Daniels and Ben Lyon in Hi Gang . No one under 110 (except me) will remember them though! Maybe someone has earlier memories

Well, I'm less than half that old, but I remember Bebe Daniels all right, from "Reaching for the Moon," one of about twenty old films owned by a local TV station here which used to show them (a little over a decade ago) in endless rotation, after the late news, befor the Columbo rerun. I am glad to have my memory of Miss Daniels refreshed, thank you.