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'way to go'

Posted by Valeriy on January 12, 2007

In Reply to: 'way to go' posted by Smokey Stover on January 12, 2007

: : : : What does 'way to go' exactly mean? Please explain with example.

: : : "Way to go" when used as an interjection means "you've done a good job".

: : : Example: You've just scored a goal in soccer/football. Your teammates jump up and down, slapping you and saying stuff like "Yeah!", "Yes!", "Woo hoo!", and "Way to go!".

: : It's short for "That's the way to go!" - meaning, roughly, "What you did was a good thing to do." ~rb

: The archives have a few posts dealing with this phrase, but none that improves on the remarks above. (My recent lengthy post, with copious examples, did not make it into the archives.) I need only add, 1), that it is often used sarcastically, and 2) the verb does not have to be "go," though it usually is.
: SS

Isn't it an equivalent to a naval command "Steady so!"?