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A skunk at the garden party

Posted by Smokey Stover on February 20, 2007

In Reply to: A skunk at the garden party posted by drew on February 20, 2007

: I have heard a phrase only a couple times and still don't really get it. In context someone said they felt like "a skunk at the garden party"
: Have you guys heard of this one?

Yes, it's not an unusual expression. A skunk is very much the unwanted guest (because of its smell) when it comes to garden parties. So if you think you're the skunk at the party, it means you feel rather out of place and definitely unwanted (but not necessarily smelly or showing white stripes down your back). Skunks are a North American mammal, but garden parties, these days, are not nearly as common in North America as the backyard barbecue.