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There's a heartbeat in every potato

Posted by Smokey Stover on January 14, 2007

In Reply to: There's a heartbeat in every potato posted by ESC on January 13, 2007

: : As a long-time fan of author Stephen King, I've noticed his frequent use of homilies and phrases such as "use your head to save your feet". The one that I've seen him use a few times, and which I can't find any source for, is the phrase "there's a heartbeat in every potato" (found, as one example [out of context], in his novel "Dolores Claiborne"). My searches online have found nothing. Does anyone recognize this little maxim?

: Nope. But I'll look. I am also a SK fan and love his phrases.

I'm going to step out onto the ice and guess. Dolores Claiborne, if I remember correctly, is someone about whom rude people might make unkind remarks, such as calling her a potato. But even potatoes (if this is what you call a person) can have a heart and emotions. Have I fallen throught the ice?