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Bowled his heart out

Posted by R. Berg on January 07, 2007

In Reply to: Bowled his heart out posted by Ssmokey Stover on January 07, 2007

: : many times I have heard commentators saying this particular bowler has bowled his heart out. I do not get that phrase could you please explain me its origin and meaning. thanks.

: Okay, I'll step up to the plate on this one. When people bowl their heart out, or do anything else "their heart out," except eat their heart out, it means that the bowler put everything he had into his game, did his absolute best, did everything he could to score, and became emotionally involved in doing it.
: SS

For "cry one's heart out," "fight one's heart out," and similar phrases, the Oxford English Dictionary says the meaning is to do something (whatever the verb designates: crying, fighting, etc.) violently or exhaustingly. It doesn't explain the origin. Maybe the idea behind "___ your heart out" is that you put almost enough effort into the activity to wear out your heart. But this is only a guess. ~rb