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"Like a freight train"

Posted by Smokey Stover on January 07, 2007

In Reply to: "Like a freight train" posted by Chris Paavola on January 07, 2007

: "Like a freight train". I've heard it used in many different settings, but didn't know which one was exactly correct. Is it something really loud? Something really big and heavy? Where/When did it originate?

: Thanks in advance!

You've heard it in many settings, but I wish you had given us even one. People who have encountered tornados and hurricanes often comment on the huge amount of noise, "like a freight train passing over me." You probably don't have hurricanes and tornadoes on the shores of the Baltic Sea (if that's where you live), but surely you have freight trains. Stand next to the track while a long train goes by. It's quite a racket.

If you have some other type of reference to freight trains in mind, please don't hesitate to add your comment right here, as a Followup.