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Posted by Pamela on December 01, 2006

In Reply to: "BLUE BALLS" posted by Lewis on November 29, 2006


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: : : : * You might consider editing your question to read "What does the phrase "blue balls" mean?" Use lower case, make the verb agree in number with the subject and, in this case, the auxiliary verb.
: : : : *When used seriously, the term refers to a condition well-described in numerous sources. I'll give you a part of what the Wikipedia offers:

: : : : *"The main cause of blue balls is prolonged sexual stimulation of the erect penis, either by direct or indirect contact, that does not result in orgasm and ejaculation.

: : : : "During arousal in a sexually mature male, the sympathetic nervous system decreases its inputs to the genital tissues, resulting in increased blood flow to the testicles and prostate areas. As this happens, other fluid outflow muscles constrict, causing more bodily fluid to enter the area than leave, ensuring a high enough regional blood pressure to allow a sustained erection for penetration during sexual intercourse.

: : : : "If orgasm is not achieved, blood and lymphatic fluid tend to pool, and the blood becomes oxygen deprived. The technical term for this is vasocongestion. In some men, this pooling of oxygen-starved blood may result in a bluish tint to the scrotum. It can be very painful, like a hit to the testicles except from the inside.

: : : : "Men with priapism or orchalgia may experience an extreme, prolonged form of blue balls, which may require medical attention."

: : : : *The article also discusses treatment or relief. When a homologous situation arises in a female it is called "pelvic congestion."
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: : : Perhaps you needed only the short form, Most people using the term are probably referring to orchalgia, or aching nuts.
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: : Oh, I thought that was a myth. Anyway, one references defines the condition as a 20th century expression meaning "a venereal bubo" or "a feeling of intense sexual frustration." Bubo = (Merriam-Webster) "an inflammatory swelling of a lymph gland especially in the groin." A third meaning, from the 1930s, is "gonorrhoea." From "Cassell's Dictionary of Slang" by Jonathon Green (Wellington House, London, 1998). Page 115.

: perhaps we should offer an alternative description?

: "the feeling of ennui and accompanying physical discomfort arising from the defeated expectation of ejaculation" or "a life-threatening condition explained to one's partner when on the cusp of a refusal of sexual relief"

: (the second one is lore that should be passed down from father to son)

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I'm also surprised to hear that it isn't a myth, presuming it was just another one of those things said by teenage boys (i.e. "I'll get a kidney infection", "Males can get cancer if ..."). Let's delete this information before it gets into the wrong hands. Pamela