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Posted by Lewis on January 04, 2007

In Reply to: "A jaeger shot" posted by Bob on December 21, 2006

: : : Can anybody tell me what "a jaeger shot" mean?

: : It's short for "a shot of Jaegermeister". Jaegermiester is a brand of licorice liqueur. (I once convinced a friend who'd never heard of it that it was sauerkraut flavored.)

: It's medicinal and unpleasant, but cloyingly sweet, and therefore wildly popular with very young people.

Jagermeister is a brand of German herb liqueur - the Hunt Master - named because Hubertus the legendary creator of the brew went off into the woods to hunt and contemplate. it is an old drink and the reason that it may seem too sweet is that it should be drunk as cold as possible. today we can store it in the freezer and drink it ice cold - like Poire Willem - it is a "degustiv" - i.e. a drink to end the meal with.

personally, I would say that its flavour is dominated by fennel seeds or something like that - it is supposed to have a blend of 56 herbs in it.

drinkware - please drink sensibly i.e standing or sitting - laying on the floor presents a hazard to you and others.