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Ford-fix or repair daily

Posted by Gary Martin on November 30, 2006

In Reply to: Ford-fix or repair daily posted by Brian from Shawnee on November 30, 2006

: : : : : : : where did the acronym of ford-fix or repair daily come from or when was its earliest use.

: : : : : : So, you've heard the humorous "slogan" of the Ford Taurus, or Fords generally: Fix Or Repair Daily. Others are : Found On the Road Dead, Fucked Over Rebuilt Dodge, and Frequently Overhauled, Rarely Driven.
: : : : : : In fact, sneering acronyms have been made up for most automobile brands represented on the roads today. I wouldn't know when Ford first got hit; it may have been a very long time ago, before the blog was invented. I've heard humor of this variety just about all my life, although not about Fords and not retrievable from my book of memories at the moment.

: : : : : : The era of the blog has made such gibes and jokes common currency, and encouraged their multiplication. Cars tend to need repairs distressingly often, and have other expensive problems, so taking a swipe at them is a reasonable way to let your feelings out.

: : : : : : I think the era of the blog began somewhere in the 1990s, but I would be glad to hear the opinion of someone more up on the subject.

: : : : : : Some of the resentful bloggers, as well as many Ford defenders, appear to regard the afore-mentioned slogan as aimed particularly at the Taurus, possibly because the car was a staple in Ford's lineup for so long.
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: : : : Wow, that's a pretty comprehensive list of acronyms, but I have one more, from the early 80's. Chevy had a souped-up version of the popular Camaro called the IROC Z-28, which some people said stood for "Italian Reject Out Cruisin'". The real IROC stands for International Race of Champions.

: : : Google Groups archive of Usenet Newsgroups has a cite of "fix or repair daily" back in February of 1984. The word weblog is from 1997, blog from 99, but before that people had online diaries and journals that were basically the same thing.

: : Thanks for the information, RRC. That's exactly what I wanted to know. And while we're at it, the Ford Taurus can't be the sole hate-object of the slogan "Fix Or Repair Daily," since the first model-year of the Taurus was 1986.

: I'll attest to Fix Or Repair Daily from around 1982. My friend Dave used to say it. He drove a Fix It Again Tony at the time, and I drove a Motorized Garbage from Britain (MGB).

: I have "a feeling" these acronyms date far back beyond the early 80's (except the MGB one, which I just made up).

I had a Best Shoved Along (BSA) motorbike in the 1960s. Apropos of nothing in particular, it was a present from David Essex, who had been given it by Twiggy.

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