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Once a Knight Is enough

Posted by ESC on December 23, 2006

In Reply to: Once a Knight Is enough posted by James Briggs on December 23, 2006

: : I have a sticker on a heater box of my Morris Mini Cooper S that I recently purchased. It dates to around 1970. It reads...."Once A King Always A King, Once a Knight Is enough". What does this mean??? Where does the saying come from??? Cany anybody help.
: : Thanks

: It's a word play on 'knight' and 'night'. With innuendo you can work out what 'once a night...' implies!

I've told this before. But, what the heck.

Benny Ray Halstead, speech class, Shady Spring High School, 1968. He was sent to the office for ending a speech with: "Once a king, always a king. But once a knight's enough." Our teacher was around 21. This was her first year teaching and she was outraged. We were amused.

Benny died in Ba Xugen Province on Aug. 26, 1970. I always think about him when this phrase is mentioned.