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Posted by Smokey Stover on January 11, 2007

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: where does the term "roof wetting" originate

Roof-wetting ceremony of the new visitors' centre in Olkiluoto [Finland]

Teollisuuden Voima Oy arranged a roof-wetting ceremony of the new visitors' centre today in Olkiluoto. The planning of the new centre started in the spring of 2004 when it was decided that the training simulator for Olkiluoto 3 would be located in the existing visitors' centre building. The existing centre will be converted into a training unit by the end of the year.

Roof Wetting [in Bermuda]

When new houses, apartment blocks and office buildings have their roofs completed, to seal out the rain, wind and moisture, locals celebrate with a roof wetting on the roof. Usually, an owner and contractor or builder are the key persons and climb the outside of a roof via a ladder. A bottle of black rum is either poured on the roof or is shared.

Finally - The Roof Wetting Ceremony has taken place at the MMBA!
Today at 4 pm we gathered together all the museum builders for the traditional Bermuda roof wetting ceremony. After postponing this event twice due to the fact that the roof was already wet with torrential rain all last week, the sun shone on the Botanical Gardens today and the temperature hovered in the mid-70s. On hand to do the honours was Michael Douglas, a Masterworks Benefactor and enthusiastic supporter of the arts in Bermuda, Alan Thompson, CEO of Butterfield Bank, Michael DeCosta, Contractor, Wayne Caines, Senator, our Director Tom Butterfield and his assistant, Elise Outerbridge. Black rum was liberally splashed on the finished roof, and the architects, contractors, builders, masons, plumbers, electricians, carpenters and all related tradesmen, our staff and our directors proudly looked on. Michael, Alan, Wayne, Michael and Elise were hoisted up in a cage high above the museum and swung over the building to perform the roof wetting ceremony. Afterwards, everyone congregated in the new courtyard for a celebratory drink and toast to the success of the newest museum in the world! We would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire crew and everyone involved in bringing us to this very special day in the history of the Masterworks Foundation. We look forward to the opening of the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art in 2007. (Bermuda again)

South Africa's first internationally accredited Science Park - The Innovation Hub - is making significant progress in delivering on its goal of establishing a high-tech cluster in Gauteng.

Barely ten months since construction started in October 2003, indications are that the infrastructure development for The Innovation Hub will meet its target dates. "The roof wetting of the 12 500 m2 Innovation Centre and Enterprise Building is an important milestone and I look forward to seeing it move to completion by December this year", Gauteng MEC Paul Mashatile said at the roof wetting event on 24 August 2004, held at the new site in Pretoria.

Hillside aluminium smelter today celebrated an important construction milestone, known as the roof wetting ceremony, marking good progress in the construction of the expansion buildings and the commencement of the roofing of the potroom building.

9th December- Provided no hitches at this late stage ABYC ROOF WETTING FUNCTION OF THE REBUILT SECTION OF THE CLUB.

Please keep this Saturday afternoon free to join the ABYC President, Commodore and Exco as we officially "wet the roof". We want to make this a moment an occasion so please all attend in Club Uniform, suit &/or smart dresses. We plan to have a group photo of this occasion.

You might think that wetting the roof is done by pouring something on it, like rum. True enough, at least sometimes, but read these bits again and see if they make sense as wetting the roof also by pouring drinks (in Bermuda, rum) down the throats of those celebrating the progress represented by having a roof to have a party on.

(Truth in phra se finding: I've never been to a roof wetting nor known anyone who has.)