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You're nicked

Posted by Valeriy on November 06, 2006

In Reply to: You're nicked posted by David FG on November 03, 2006

: : : : Please could you tell me where the phrase "you're nicked" comes from?

: : : It is, I think, a variant on the theme of 'you're pinched' or 'copped'.

: : : 'Nicked' also being slang for 'stolen' or 'taken'.

: : : DFG

: : Does it mean "arrested", "jailed" or just trapped in a difficult situation (for example, when one obediently follows the orders of the superiors and a s result finds oneself in a difficult situation abandoned by those superiors on one's own)?

: It means arrested, especially in London (at the hands of the Metropolitan Police), though it is now pretty much universal in the UK.


Thank you.