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Posted by RRC on October 30, 2006

In Reply to: GET A BREAK posted by Smokey Stoer on October 30, 2006


: : Dear experts,

: : I am truly sorry about the vagueness of my illustrative sentence; this is the original context it had been borrowed from:

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: : I have since come up with what looks like a better example:

: : Our customers usually expect to GET A BREAK when they buy in quantity.

: : Thanks again for your valuable assistance,

: : Regards,
: : Yuri

: I checked Yuri's source. It's an impromptu discussion on the BBC, and therefore one doesn't expect absolute precision in the prose.
: "SPILLER: On File on 4, we investigate help for families caring for disabled children and claims of a growing crisis in respite care - breaks for families who look after children and adults with disabilities."

: In short form: We investigate the question of breaks for families that care for disabled persons. Mr. Spiller's agency tries to decide if these people should get a break, or determine who should get a break. A break, in this case, means some remuneration or reward or reimbursement for the benefit they provide to the public at large.
: SS

There is possibly another related usage of break in that case - a tax break. Going to, I count 15 noun definitions and 59 verb definitions for "break".