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Suck-egg dog?

Posted by Scott Marsden on August 03, 2000

In Reply to: Suck-egg dog? posted by AmyC on August 02, 2000

: I am trying to find the meaning of a suck-egg dog. It is used in a story by Zora Hurston ("Sweat")and she is referring to hating her husband as much as a suck-egg dog

I imagine it's a variation of "egg-suckin' dog", which is in itself 2 insults, "egg-sucker" and "dog".

Where "egg-sucker" comes from I don't know, along with the unusual epithet, (courtesy Ren & Stimpy) "I'll teach your grandmother to suck eggs!" Oddly enough, some years ago, I was reading "The Hobbit", and during the riddle game, Bilbo asks Gollum a riddle, the answer of it was "egg". Gollum recalled memories of his childhood, when he used to teach _his_ grandmother to suck eggs. Weird!