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Slim Chance and Fat Chance

Posted by ... on July 29, 2000

In Reply to: Slim Chance and Fat Chance posted by Frankie on July 28, 2000

: : : : Heh heh...

: : : : I knew there was only a slim chance of finding out why these two phrases mean the same thing!

: : : : Where I come from, the 2 are used to mean similar things (ie. not much chance at all), but are used differently.

: : : : Fat chance is more of a standalone statement. One person might ask a question, and the response will be
: : : : "fat chance!"

: : : : Slim chance is more often used in a sentence, as in "there is a slim chance of that happening."

: : : : I think, as has been alluded to earlier, that they are both regional sayings that became part of the greater store of colloquialisms.

: : :
: : : Scott
: : : Sorry that both Serge and your initial submissions routed the way it did.
: : : By no means did I intend to disrespect your question.
: : : I searched for a more written and documented origin and didn't find much. Your explanation the two phrases seem as how I've heard them used. It's just one of those things for now.

: : How about this. The two phrases mean the same. But "slim chance" is literal. The speaker means you have a slim chance.

: : And "fat chance" is sarcastic -- the speaker means the opposite of what he is saying. He doesn't really mean your chance is fat. He thinks it's "slim."

: : Like when someone says, "Big deal." He really means the issue at hand is a little deal.

: Bravo! That's the best definition I've heard.
: A sincere compliment to you ESC. I'll stop there before everyone thinks we're the same people too.

No chance of that Frankie