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Dr Mudd, a President and a Prime Minister

Posted by James Briggs on May 24, 2000

In spite of the doubt about Dr Mudd's association - which I still believe in, I thought the following is of sufficient interest to raise a fresh entry!The enquiy about "his name is mud" the other day prompts me to add this extra.

Cherie Booth, the wife of Prime Minister Blair gave birth to a son a couple of days ago. Her father, Anthony Booth, is a TV actor, best known for the role he played in "Till Death do us Part". Her great-great-great grandfather, Algernon, was one of three siblings. One of these, Junius Brutus, fathered 11 children, one of whom was
John Wilkes Booth, President Lincoln's assassin and the one treated in ignorance by poor Dr Mudd, the basis of the saying!

Genealogy details from "The Times" of 22nd May 2000.