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Posted by Frankie on June 02, 2000

In Reply to: Slang posted by Sweetin on June 02, 2000

: Referring to the slang use of "two bagging" what does it mean in a sexual reference?

If it's what I think you mean, I've heard the phrase as "Double Bagging". It stems about a woman (usually a prostitute) who's considered to have a sexual disease that if a man were to have sex with her he would use two condoms-- (One over the other) to insure a thicker barrier and avoid contracting the disease.
"That woman's been around, so I'd have to double bag it.."
(At a bachelor party) --.."if you are going to have sex with the hired help, better double bag it,-- better yet, tripple bag it"! In High School
it's usually said just as an insult. Here's another insult to a girl I've heard: "I wouldn't have sex with you, even if I were using my friends' penis".
Now that you know what it means, try not to giggle at the grocery store clerk when he's packing your food and asks "excuse me ma'am, would you like me to double bag it"?