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Were you raised in a barn?

Posted by ESC on June 02, 2000

In Reply to: You weren't born in a barn... posted by Laura on June 02, 2000

: Anyone know what this means?

Drawing on my farm girl days, here's what it means to me: Barn doors are left open during the day because the cows and horses are out in the field anyway. And Mr. and Ms. Farmer are going in and out of the barn doing this and that. So it's just easier to leave the door open. At night during bad weather, the animals are shut up safe and sound.

Barns are loose and airy structures even with the door shut. Unless it's a super-duper barn for million-dollar race horses.

So if someone -- a child usually -- leaves a door in the house open, a grown-up says, "Were you raised in a barn?"