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Gravy train

Posted by David on August 26, 2000

In Reply to: Gravy train posted by ESC on June 28, 2000

Pink Floyd sings a song that says If we tell you the name of the game boy, were going to ride the gravy train.

: : from where was this term derived?

: GRAVY TRAIN - "In the 1920s, railroad men invented the express to 'ride the gravy train' to describe a run on which there was good pay and little work. The words were quickly adopted into general speech, meaning to have an easy job that pays well, or, more commonly, to be prosperous. 'Gravy,' however, had been slang for easy money since the early 1900s." From "Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins" by Robert Hendrickson (Facts on File, New York, 1997).