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If you cook too long with the pilot light....

Posted by Barney on August 19, 2000

In Reply to: If you cook too long with the pilot light.... posted by Georgios P. on August 19, 2000

: Can anyone tell me what is the meaning of the following phrase:
: If you cook too long with thw pilot light, the flame will eventually die.
: Thanks
: Georgios P.

From the technical point of view it's meaningless since the pilot light will continue until you either turn off the gas supply or cease to pay the gas company at which point the supply will be disconnected. From a practical point of view what we have here is a very slow cooker; so start Sunday lunch on Thursday.

Metaphorically it might imply that those who are asked to undertake tasks which are really beyond their capabilities will eventually succumb to the pressure and expire, either mentally, physically or, in extreme cases, both; which take you neatly to the dying part.