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Dining on ashes

Posted by Bruce Kahl on August 18, 2000

In Reply to: Dining on ashes posted by Johan Norberg on August 18, 2000

: What does "dining on ashes" mean?

The only reference I could find was to a Star Trek movie, the Undiscovered Country. There is a one minute long musical sequence entitled "Dining on Ashes" and there is an exchange between Spock, Kirk and Chekhov concerning what might happen to them if they cross paths with a just discovered Romulan vessel:

Chekov: "But if he's cloaked..."

Kirk: "Then all we have is a neutron radiation surge, and by the time we're close enough to record it, we're ashes."

Kirk: "Dining on ashes. You all right?"

Spock: "It was an arrogant presumption on my part that got us into this
situation. You and the doctor might have been killed."

Kirk: "The night is young."