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To "get carded"??

Posted by M. E. James on August 06, 2000

In Reply to: To "get carded"?? posted by Rose on August 03, 2000

: : : I recently read something that talked about someone who "still gets carded" and the context made it seem like this signified sexual attrativeness.

: : : Anyone know what the expression means and how it was derived?

: : : Patty

: : If you have to be 21 years old to drink in your part of the world and you dont look 21 years of age you will "be carded"----you will be asked to show proof of your age which is usually your drivers license. It used to be, at least here is the US, your draft card that a male would show. Just a guess but I think that is where the "card' part of your phrase is derived.

: And appearing young enough to be under 21 would carry an element of sexual attractiveness. At least to those who place little value on maturity.

In those days, the drivers license was also printed on a cardboard, i.e. card.