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Long pole in the tent

Posted by Pamela on June 25, 2006

In Reply to: Long pole in the tent posted by ESC on June 24, 2006

: : : : : I've heard this expression twice this week -- once in staff meeting in Kentucky and just now on a national television news program, NBC Today:

: : : : : LONG POLE IN THE TENT -- The central issue or main task.

: : : : Is this new? Or do you have to be born in Kentucky? I've never heard it, although it seems appropriate, if you can keep the younger members from tittering. SS

: : : Oh, I'd giggle.

: : Coincidentally, I had lunch yesterday with some people I used to work with and we discussed an occasion back in about 1995 (in Texas) when our boss accidentally misused this phrase to our great amusement.

: You all need to settle down. Anyway. I was goggling for an image of an actual long pole in the tent. Couldn't find a good one. But I did find an office slang site that gives a different meaning to the phrase than the one that I came up with.

: Long Pole
: From 'long pole in the tent,' the person or group most behind schedule, thus holding up the entire program.

: office_lexicon.html

I wait with delight for the day my boss gets wind of this phrase and uses it. Pamela

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