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"ranks right up there with..."

Posted by Smokey Stover on August 02, 2006

In Reply to: "ranks right up there with..." posted by ESC on August 01, 2006

: : "ranks right up there with..."

: : Dear The Phrase Finder's kind members,

: : I have a query about the idiom "ranks right up there with..."
: : What does it mean? In my opinion, I guess it mean on the highest rank or on the top. But I'm really not sure. So anyone know please help me. ^_^

: : (The Full Sentence is "Good to know New York ranks right up there with the old country.)

: Is equal to. On the same footing or level as.

●-- The expression is frequently--possibly most often--used sarcastically. George W. Bush as president ranks right up there with Warren G. Harding--well, almost. Too parochial an example? Try: Tony Blair as prime minister ranks right up there with Stanley Baldwin. (You may wish to pooh-pooh my judgment there. But what do it know?) Or less politically, Wetabix ranks right up there with sawdust. Sorry, I know the spelling of sawdust but not the other.
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