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Smack me on the a s s and call me judy

Posted by Pamela on May 26, 2006

In Reply to: Smack me on the a s s and call me judy posted by ESC on May 25, 2006

: : : Origin of the phrase: smack me on the a s s and call me judy

: : I don't know the origin of the phrase, but I think I know the origin of its current popularity. A lot of people have watched the TV series, "Friends." And a lot of people have asked what the line means.

: : Friends Episode 1.15
: : Steve: Well, smack my a s s and call me Judy! These are fantastic! Monica: Oh, gosh, I'm so glad you liked them! Steve: Like 'em? ...
: :

: : I suppose it might equate to "Well, I'll be gosh-durned," or perhaps, "Well I'll be a sonofabitch," in some other context. It comes from somewhere, for sure, but I've no idea where. It seems preposterous to think of what Punch might do to Judy, but nothing else comes to mind. SS

: WELL, SLAP MY A s s AND CALL ME JUDY -- Steve (Jon Lovitz) on "Friends," the television show. Accessed June 27, 2004.

: I am thinking it is a sexual, "whose your daddy" kind of thing.

There are endless variations of the "Well, da my da and call me da da". An early episode of South Park had Mr. Garrison saying: Well spank my a s s and call me "Charlie" ", but I also remember a Jerry Lewis movie(The Nutty Professor?) from the early 60's with a Beatnik in the "Hungry Brain" nightclub seeing something surprising and saying "Well, shave my beard and call me normal" or something similar and the endless variations on the school yard "cut off my legs ...". I think any two-syllable name (or word) can be used, but if you are looking for an actual Judy maybe Judy Garland? She had that famous "call me Judy" speech. Pamela