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In Opposite World!

Posted by Brian from Shawnee on May 25, 2006

In Reply to: In Opposite World! posted by Merc Employee on May 24, 2006

: In Opposite World! = This is a modern phrase, of that I am sure, but does anyone know of its origins? I am almost certain I first heard it on TV or in a movie, probably in a comedy due to its sarcastic overtones ;-)

"Opposite World" may be a rewording of "Bizarro World" which was a creation of DC Comics writers in the 1960's. Bizarro Superman is our Superman's opposite, which means he's evil, his planet is a cube rather than a sphere, he speaks ungrammatically ("me no like"), etc. Although as the Elaine Benes character (Julia Louis-Dreyfuss) pointed out in an episode of Seinfeld, he's not black and he doesn't live underwater, so not everything is opposite.

The concept of a "world turned upside down" isn't new, of course.