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As much as one's life is worth

Posted by Smokely Stover on May 17, 2006

In Reply to: As much as one's life is worth posted by Gary Martin on May 17, 2006

: : I am trying to find a definition of the phrase "as much as one's life is worth." Any clue?

: In the UK, there's a phrase - "that's more than my job's worth". That is, "If I let you do that I'll get sacked". It was supposed to be said by petty officials as an excuse for trying to stop you breaking the rules. I never heard it said in real life. In my experience park keepers and the like would just shout "Oi, you hooligans. Clear off or you'll feel the back of my hand".

: Such folk came to be known as jobworths. In alternative culture circles that extended to pretty much everyone who had a job.

: I've never heard a 'life is worth' version.

I have, but I can't remember where or how. I'll think about it. SS