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Butt me no butts

Posted by Lewis on May 11, 2006

In Reply to: Butt load posted by Brian from Shawnee on May 10, 2006

: : : : : Wondering what the origin is for; that's a "butt load."

: : : : Buttload
: : : : A relative unit of measure. Unlike units such as meters which can be quantified as to how far a photon travels in a vacuum in 1/299,792,458 of a second, the relative unit of measure will vary from person to person based on their diet. The scale looks something like this.

: : : : * Buttload - A pantload and a half. An amount beyond containment.
: : : : * Pantload - Two complete ****loads, equivalent to 2694 raises or 898 squats
: : : : * ****load - A very large quantity, equivalent to 1347 raises or 449 squats
: : : : * Little - in fact the difference between little and damned little is too little to justify this space.
: : : : * Damned Little - two squats, or five pittances, or 6 raises
: : : : * Squat - Two and a half pittances, or three raises.
: : : : * Pittance - a bit more than "You call this a raise?" but not much more.
: : : : * You call this a Raise? - not worth mentioning at all.

: : : : There's a whole buttload of citations of buttload, pretty much all humorous, which you can view by Googling. This one comes from
: : : : dictionary/b.html

: : : There's a euphemistic version of buttload, called "boatload". A few years ago Chevy ran a TV commercial that bragged about "a boatload o' know-how" that made their trucks better than the others.

: : Since you can actually have a boatload of something, I rather doubt that boatload is derivative of or a euphemism for buttload. Butt maybe...

: You can actually have a boatload of fish, but you can't "actually" have a boatload of know-how. But anyway, I have to correct myself: "Audio, video, and a boatload of know-how" is a registered serivce mark of Tweeter, Inc. which is an American electronics retail chain. I think it was the announcer's raspy voice that made me associate it with trucks (and with buttloads).

what a load of butt-speak - that may be others' understanding butt it is not only, butt also:

A 'buttload' approx 200 litres - the amount of fluid a butt takes (not colonic irrigation BTW). I recently bought a butt and that is how much mine holds.

a buttload can also be calculated by volume = Malmsey wine + deceased Shakepearean character