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I wasn`t seeing straight

Posted by Pamela on May 11, 2006

In Reply to: I wasn`t seeing straight posted by ESC on May 10, 2006

: : : : Can anyone explain the meaning of the sentence "I wasn`t seeing straight." The text then goes on like this: Come on. We`ll be late. We`re going to have to run.
: : : : Thanks

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: : : I think you're going to have to say what went before this, for anyone to be able to guess. It could be literal or figurative.

: : Well, the text before the sentence "I wasn`t seeing straight" goes like this: I thought she preferred rich kids. Her sensible father`s daughter. Mind you, that lad will probably be rich before too long. A bit of a dish.
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: He didn't have a true, accurate picture of the situation. Probably from this definition (Merriam-Webster): properly ordered or arranged. Set the kitchen straight. Set us straight on that issue; also: CORRECT Get the facts straight.

The reason that she (?) "wasn't seeing straight" (i.e. was confused) could have been because (a) she was drunk (b) she was in love with the dishy boy herself (c) she was excusing herself because of something she had done wrong (i.e. she didn't have all of the information at the time that she needed to make the correct decision). "I wasn't thinking straight", "I was all over the shop" or even "I wasn't myself" may mean the same thing. Pamela