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Ride the white lightning

Posted by Brian from Shawnee on May 02, 2006

In Reply to: Ride the white lightning posted by David FG on May 02, 2006

: : What does "ride the white lightning" mean?

: I have to confess that I am not at all sure about this, but I rather suspect that it is a reference to the taking of illegal drugs, and if I had to make a guess as to which, I would say cocaine.

: I wait to be corrected.


White lightning is illegal (tax-free and possibly poisonous) moonshine whiskey. But the phrase referred to here seems to be from the song "White Lightning" by the rock group Def Leppard. What does it mean? Well, what does it mean to the young rock'n'roller:

"No promises
No guarantees
When you come down here you're
Already on your knees
You wanna ride White Lightnin', then just sign your name
If you wanna dance with the devil, you gotta play his way"