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Drink the coolaid

Posted by RRC on June 12, 2006

In Reply to: Drink the coolaid posted by Conservas Ortiz on June 12, 2006

: Any takers for "Drink the coolaid"? It would appear to be a US originated phrases and it's meaning is quite close to "towing the corporate line". I'm curious how it came to be. I'm thinking it could be realetd to the energizing drink Gatorade, but it also appears to be a cocktail.

Source is the Jim Jones / Jonestown, Guyana tragedy. He instructed his cult members to drink Flavor Aid poisoned with cyanide and they drank it willingly. The tradename Kool-Aid has been genericized to represent all sugary artificial fruit drinks made from a packet, just as you can make xeroxes on a Canon copier and blow your nose on a Puffs kleenex.