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To tear sb. a new one?

Posted by Bob on June 09, 2006

In Reply to: To tear sb. a new one? posted by RRC on June 09, 2006

: : : does anyone know this:to tear sb. a new one?and what does it mean?
: : : thank you for your help!

: : I've only heard the first part "to tear sb", meaning to vigorously criticise someone (often behind their back). I think it comes from "tearing strips off someone". But this doesn't make sense in the context of "to tear sb a new one". Pamela

: The full version used in a sentence would be: I'm so mad at you that I'm going "to tear/rip you a new *sshole". Not meant literally, but it is a threat of violence.

Not literal at all... but it does promise a severe verbal reprimand that will feel like gaining a new sphincter.