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"below their nose"? under your nose???

Posted by Smokey Stover on April 26, 2006

In Reply to: "Below their nose"? under your nose??? posted by RRC on April 26, 2006

: : What's the correct use of the phrase - "before their nose" or "below their nose"?

: If you'd explain what you think the phrase that you're looking for means, you might find that the answer was right under your nose the whole time.

"When Mrs. G. found out that her daughter was pregnant, she realized that things had been going on under her very nose." "The guards had apparently not been attentive; thieves were able to steal the Mona Lisa from right in front of their noses." "Oh, come, look what's been going on right beneath your nose." "She'd been stealing my cutlery, right before my nose." I think you had best avoid the phrase, "below the nose." SS