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"everyone and her aunt"

Posted by Brian from Shawnee on April 25, 2006

In Reply to: "Everyone and her aunt" posted by Smokey Stover on April 25, 2006

: : : : : Please let me know the origin of the usage "everyone and her aunt"..!!

: : : : It's a humorous way of saying absolutely everybody, or everybody and then some. There's a wonderful expression in Gilbert and Sullivan that I can't quite remember, something like "and so did his sisters and his uncles and his aunts." SS

: : : A similar phrase is "the world and his wife". Smokey,s quote is from HMS Pinafore, in which Sir Joseph Porter K.C.B. is accompanied everywhere by "his sisters and his cousins and his aunts". (VSD)

: : "Everybody and his brother."

: Victoria, I thank you. And so do my sisters and my cousins and my aunts. SS

"And the horse you rode in on" is used when you want to be rude to someone. It's sort of the same idea.