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A Turkish graveyard

Posted by Walter on April 20, 2006

I'm looking for American English colloquial equivalent to a Macedonian (former Yugoslav) phrase.

Macedonian phrase literally translated into English: "What, you're walking past a Turkish graveyard?"

Situation: You walk by an acquaintance without greeting him, intentionally or not, and the acquaintance, in a pique, says "What, you're walking past a Turkish graveyard?"

My acquaintance reports that this is an everday colloquialism in current use in Macedonia. The underlying premise being that Turkish graveyards in Macedonia are untended, ignored, not paid attention to.

I've tried to think of an equivalent in English, but nothing seems to concisely convey the same "feeling" with such sharpness.

1) What, I'm invisible?
2) Just walk on by!
3) What, am I a stranger now?...etc.

Any ideas?