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It is your funeral

Posted by Smokey Stover on April 10, 2006

In Reply to: It is your funeral posted by Brian from Shawnee on April 10, 2006

: : what is the meaning of "It is your funeral"

: "It's your funeral" means that what you are about to do is foolish, but you are the only person who will suffer consequences from your actions. The two words "it is" are always contracted to "it's" in this phrase, under normal circumstances. A phrase with a similar meaning is "knock yourself out".

Brian is correct about "It's your funeral." It's a way of advising someone that what they intend to do or say is likely to have adverse consequences for them. It can also be used in the third person. "Joe intends to challenge you in the next round." "It's his funeral."
On the other hand, "Knock yourself out," like "Have a ball," "Be my guest" and "Go crazy," is a sardonic way of giving permission, when your permission is solicited, to do something in which you have no intention to assist or participate. It can be said to law enforcers wishing to search your premises, the boss wishing to search your desk, or friends wishing to inspect your closet or investigate your pornography collection. You could also say it to someone wishing to work on their designs or blueprints by spreading them out in your living room, or someone wishing to try out their music on your piano. You would not say it, I'm sure, to someone wishing to borrow your car. ß