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Like milk and water

Posted by Pamela on May 02, 2006

In Reply to: Like milk and water posted by RRC on May 01, 2006

: : : : : "you two go together like milk and water"...what is meant by this ?

: : : : It means those two don't go together. Try mixing milk and water and you'll see for yourself.

: : : Brian, it's oil and water that don't mix. Milk and water mix just fine - milk is mostly water. (^_^) I've never heard the expression as posted.

: : OK so technically milk and water "mix". I guess my advice to the original poster should have been "try tasting milk and water mixed together".

: : I've never heard the expression, either, but it sure doesn't sound like a compliment to the happy couple.

: If it's just taste, it's pretty easy to think of worse things than watery milk. Like orange juice and milk - not only tastes bad, it's lumpy! ~~>_<~~

I thought it would mean "mix very well" (i.e. the opposite of oil and water - milk and water are not distinguishable when mixed). Brewers, however, has the meaning as "Insipid, without energy or character, baby-pap, feeble stuff." There is no origin listed. I googled the phrase and it occurs in a sacred Buddist text (sorry, I can't quite tell which text its from). The quote is: 'And do you live, O Anuruddhas, in unity and concord, without quarrels, like milk and water (mixed together) 2, and looking at each other with friendly eyes?' The link is RCC, is it true that people buy and drink OJ and milk? A friend said she saw this on a menu. Pamela