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"Isn't that the berries."

Posted by Smokey Stover on April 30, 2006

In Reply to: "Isn't that the berries." Posted by LMB on April 27, 2006

: Have you ever heard of "Isn't that the berries." It's usually said in context of "doesn't that suck?" or "I hear you and that sucks".

I for one have never heard "the berries" used that way. The OED is another. Here's what THEY know. "c. slang (U.S.). A dollar; also (in U.K.), a pound. Usu. in pl. Hence the berries: an excellent person or thing; 'the cat's whiskers'.
1918 H. C. WITWER From Baseball to Boches IV. ii. 147 When..I go back to baseball, I can drag down six thousand berries a year...." I don't doubt your interpretation, LMB, but I'd like to know where you have heard it used in this way. SS