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"one in the eye"

Posted by Steve E on February 23, 2006

In Reply to: "One in the eye" posted by Smokey Stover on February 22, 2006

: : : : : Has anyone heard of the saying "one in the eye".....if so, do you know its wife tells me I've got it wrong and its "put in the eye" !

: : : : Could you use it in a complete sentence? I'm having a hard time imagining a sentence in which I could replace "one" with "put" and have it make sense (but I'm sure someone will come up with one since I said that ;-) ). RRC

: : : A poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

: : : Be one in the eye for someone (British & Australian, informal)
: : : If something that someone does is one in the eye for someone else, it will annoy that person because they did not want it to happen or did not think it could happen.

: : : "When I got my degree, I thought, 'That's one in the eye for my old head teacher, who said I would never get anywhere."

: : : I love eye idioms:

: : : an eye for an eye
: : : be all eyes
: : : close one's eyes to something
: : : give someone the eye
: : : have an eye to something
: : : have eyes for someone
: : : have one's eye on something
: : : in one's mind's eye
: : : in the eyes of someone
: : : keep one's eyes peeled
: : : more than meets the eye
: : : my eye!
: : : see eye to eye with someone
: : : under the eye of someone
: : : with one's eyes open
: : : And then Mr. K's Eyes Wide Shut.

: : Another one for the eye list: "Keep a weather eye"

: And then there's "keep an eye out for ...." I think I've heard "Keep a weather eye out." This site has hosted the expression "a black eye" in the referred meaning, when something gives someone "a black eye" in the sense that it makes him look bad. It's not the same as "one in the eye," although there may be gloating in either case. Ss

Also, when I was growing up: In the Pig's Eye. Meaning no way is [something] going to happen.