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Posted by Bob on February 19, 2006

In Reply to: "like-for-like" posted by Chome on February 18, 2006

: : How is the phrase used?

: I found the phrase it the sentence below:
: "Like-for-like: Term for replacement of a part in a system with an identical part."

: The phrase is often used as "like-for-like sales". Please show me examples other than business terms if you know.

It's a financial term, and 90% of the uses you'll ever hear are in the context of comparing sales performance, as in sales growth in same-store sales. (If I have 100 stores, and I expand to 150 stores, it may look like my sales have increased 50%, which can be misleading to investors, if the first 100 stores had a sales decrease of 2%. So to level the playing field, one reports like-for-like sales.

On the other hand, I went googling this morning and found a good example of like-for-like used in another logical context: substituting ingredients in cooking. See