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Stuck on you

Posted by Brian from Shawnee on February 15, 2006

In Reply to: Stuck on you posted by Warthog on February 15, 2006

: : : : I have a coworker who's originally from Romania, and she's trying to increase her vocabulary and exposure to American / English words and phrases. I've explained ti to her as best I can. but can someone give me a decent definition of "stuck on you"? Everything I see on the web points me to Lionel Richie.

: : : The phrase means that you are attached to someone emotionally, possibly in love with that person.
: : : Happy Valentine's Day.

: : As sung by Elvis:

: : ...I'm gonna stick like glue,
: : Stick because I'm
: : Stuck on you...

: Not that a dyed in the wool rocker like me would know...but "Stuck on you" was a bigger hit for Lionel Ritchie...or so I've been told by the sort of person that would listen to anything other than METAL.

: WH

Somehow I've got the old Band-Aid jingle stuck in my head now. "I am stuck on Band-Aid/cause Band-Aid's stuck on me", sung off-key by what I assume were adults voicing-over footage of cavorting children. I hope it goes away soon.