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Stand in a five-five-five area

Posted by Kashima on February 14, 2006

Could someone help me with the meaning of the phrase "stand in a five-five-five area" in the following context, please? I saw a DVD commentary where the staffs are talking about a comedic scene in which a family feud is just about to break out.

EDITOR: All right, now we go.
PRODUCER: Now we got some fun happening.
He's so clueless (about what is going on right now.)
DIRECTOR: Let's all go stand in a five-five-five-area.
PRODUCER: Yeah, He(the main character) is really in trouble now.

According to my research, "555" seams to be the area code number of the fictitious telephone numbers in movies so as to prevent crank calls. I also read an article in the internet that in Hollywood they actually do use this area code number nowadays, however I am not so certain whether this into is highly credible. I don't know whether these pieces of information have something to do with the phrase in quesiton, but hopefully they might be a hint.

Thank you in advance.