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"a rub and a tug"

Posted by Bruce Kahl on February 07, 2006

In Reply to: "A rub and a tug" posted by siliq on February 07, 2006

: "a rub and a tug"
: In the sentence: "I fell like a am going in a rub and a tug, and it's kind of making me a little nervous"

Just a guess.
Operating out of store fronts that advertise Swedish Massage or Jitsu Muscle Relief are houses of prostitution aka asian massage parlors aka AMPs.

The "rub" is the advertised back massage while the "tug" is the act of orgasmic relief aka "happy ending" provided by the female attendant on the male customer.

The phrase was probably uttered by a customer who entered an AMP looking for a legitimate massage and realized that he was in a house of prostitution.