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Bowlegged women

Posted by Horny B on November 25, 2005

In Reply to: Bowlegged women posted by Smokey Stover on November 19, 2005

: : : : : : : : What does the phrase "Dont go swimming with Bow legged women" mean.

: : : : : : : The song actually goes "Never go swimmin' with bowlegged women." The "Never" is neccessary for the meter: DA ta ta DA ta ta, etc.

: : : : : : Another version, from the movie Jaws -- Quint: "Here's to swimmin' with bowlegged women."
: : : : : : Bowlegged women would be more...accessible, I would think.

: : : : : Let's just say that bow-legged wimmin have a hard time keeping their knees together - wink, wink, knudge, knudge. RRC

: : : : Exactly.

: : : I, for one, much prefer Bob's version, that's all dactyls. I've never heard the expression, nor can I imagine how it could possibly be based on experience. The way you get bow-legged, other than by your genes, is to ride horses a lot. Can you imagine what an experienced horsewoman is really good at? Yes, staying on the horse. And perhaps even posting. So I imagine such an one would be very good at swimmin', no? Maybe too good?

: : : And how about knudge? What's that? SS

: : For knudge, I've been reading too many books by Knuth. The phrase doesn't have anything to do with how good they are at water sports, but that you shouldn't get involved with them because they have been riding a lot of things besides horses - say _k_no more ^_^ RRC

: RRC--Yes, I got that. Except that riding anything else besides horses is very unlikely to make one bowlegged. Maybe doing the scissors grip a lot might have that effect.

The jokes about bow-legged women ARE of the easy access variety and riding can contibute to that - as well as having the effect of conditioning the woman to having legs spread apart under tension, there is the factor of simultaneous friction. Outdoor gels that like riding do have a reputation of being a bit "frisky". Gawd Bless 'em!

The "scissors" sounds more like something from gymnastics and that is another hot topic...