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Turning over a new leaf

Posted by Victoria S Dennis on November 23, 2005

In Reply to: Turning over a new leaf posted by Smokey Stover on November 23, 2005

: : : I've been throughthe archives and eiterh I've missed it or I'm the first to ask where the saying "Turning over a new leaf" comes from?

: : It's merely an analogy to turning a page - a leaf - in a book. It implies a new start to something. It must be as old as books themselves.

: Friend, on discovering Oscar Wilde (post-gaol) in a hotel room in bed with a bell boy: Why, Oscar! I thought you were going to turn over a new leaf.
: Oscar: Yes, but not until I get to the bottom of the page. SS

Turning over a new leaf is both literally and metaphorically equivalent to starting with a clean slate. (VSD)