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This snerks... big time

Posted by ESC on November 21, 2005

In Reply to: This snerks... big time posted by cicek on November 21, 2005

: Hello. I wonder what the sentence: 'This snerks... big time.' could mean? thank you

I looked on the Urban Dictionary site. None of these really fit.

1. snerk

A small, devious smirk.She snerked upon finding out that the guy who cut her off in traffic ended up in a fender-bender.
Source: Anowyn, Apr 2, 2004

2. snerk

A combination of a sneer and a smirk. Used as a verb in instant messenger conversations, never as a noun.I had a private snerk when I saw my ex at the convention and noticed he was going bald at 19.
Source: spiraling, Feb 13, 2005

3. snerk

The action of liquid coming out of one's nose when made to laugh.Susan snerked her milk when Johnny made her laugh at the joke.
Source: bryan, Jul 7, 2004

4. snerk

The international sound for "I got your nose" Or "A noise of amusement with a touch of snark thrown in for good measure""She was snerked by his remark." "Grandpa always snerked when he played with his grandson."
Source: Firestorm, Oct 6, 2003