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I am on your back

Posted by ESC on November 20, 2005

In Reply to: I am on your back posted by karthik sankar on November 20, 2005

: 'Walking after you " by Foo Fighters happens to be my all time favorite song.
: In the song the phrase "I'm on your back" keeps repeating itself many times.
: I have my own interpretation of what it means. However , to be really sure of its meaning I am posing the question in the Discussion Forum.

: I am re-iterating my question. What does "I am on your back " mean?? . Thanks in advance.

On somebody's back means nagging him, trying to get him to take a particular course of action. But if you say "I've got your back," it means you are watching out for his. You're his protector.

I'm going to go google the song to see if the meaning has shifted.