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By Timothy?

Posted by Smokey Stover on October 26, 2005

In Reply to: By Timothy? posted by Gareth Morris on October 21, 2005

: : : : I have been listening to the Paul Temple radio plays from the BBC and this phrase is used by Temple on many occasions as an expression of surprise, similar to "My God". I have heard it and read it in books of the period 30s /40s/50s, but have no idea how it originated. Any thoughts?

: : : This is the only word phrase that I know -- Minced oath. I figure it is along the lines of "For the love of Mike" instead of "For the love of God."

: : are you sure it wasn't 'by Jiminy'? which would be a minced oath for Jesus.

: : L

: I have listened to the CD again and it is "By Timothy"

I don't wish to pry, but the name Gareth Morris sounded familiar to me. When I Googled it I discovered that it is an unusually common name, shared by a Rugby star called The Mauler, a DJ with a large following, a managment consultant, a well-known "flautist" (as the English say), a typographer (or something related), and a bunch of other things, mostly pretty distinguished sounding. I'll be impertinent and ask if you care to reveal your profession. If not, say nothing. SS