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Bundle of joy

Posted by ESC on October 22, 2005

In Reply to: Bundle of joy posted by David FG on October 22, 2005

: : : : What is the origin/likely derivation of "bundle of joy", referring to a baby (born or yet-to-be-born)? On the simpler, more innocent side, it could be merely from "bundle" as a "package" and "joy" as "happiness". On the more complex, less innocent side, it could be related to the use of "bundle" to refer to a woman, especially a fat one, and/or to "bundle" or "bundling" as in the old courtship ritual. Nothing in OED about this.

: : : I vote for innocence.

: : I vote similarly. Because babies are often swaddled in blankets when out of bed, they look like bundles.

: I too vote for innocence. We are sometimes in danger of making things too complicated when in fact the obvious answer is the correct one.


On the Roseanne television show, babies were described as "life-sucking little poop machines." I prefer "bundle of joy."